Ford Has Finally Selected The 500 People Who Get To Buy The New GT

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Did you make the cut? No? We're not surprised.

Ford has officially ended its search for the world's first GT owners. That means hearts the world over are breaking as rejection letters hit mailboxes. It also means that a lucky 500 people are celebrating their good fortune. A rejection letter from Ford was sent to Jalopnik by a person known only as "Brian." The letter is short and sweet, which is probably for the best as there's never any point in dragging a rejection out. The actual rejection itself doesn't come until the third sentence. Why keep hope alive for so long, Ford?!

The actual rejection is as follows: "The demand for Ford GT from enthusiasts like you has surpassed our very limited production. Unfortunately, we do not have enough Ford GTs to fulfill your request at this time." The applicant is encouraged to keep hope alive, with a request to update his GT application with any new info as production may eventually start again after the limited two-year run. On the other end of the spectrum, Dave Sullivan of the consulting firm AutoPacific tweeted a photo of an acceptance letter from his friend David (no last name provided). In the photo is the letter alongside a bottle of Moet, a suitable beverage for celebrating such an occasion.

Unlike the rejection letter Ford gets straight to the biscuit here. Here's the first line. "Congratulations! You've been selected for the opportunity to purchase a new Ford GT." No sense wasting time telling good news, right? The letter then goes on to talk about time-sensitive documents that need to be filled out and mentions the supercar's custom concierge service. While anonymous rejection and acceptance letters are awesome what we really want to know is which big-name gearheads were accepted into the ultra-exclusive GT owners club and which ones were snubbed. Over 7,000 applications for the supercar were submitted, so it's only a matter of time before people take to social media to whine about getting rejected or celebrate being selected.


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