Ford Has Just Killed The Idea Of A Badass Fiesta RS

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Well, it was a nice idea while it lasted.

A little while ago the Internet damn near broke thanks to speculation that a Ford Fiesta RS could be in the works. It looks like that is not to be, at least if this interview that Ford of Europe's Jay Ward did with Car Throttle is any indicator. Ward is the director of product communications, so his word is bond. "We can say categorically that we are not working on a Fiesta RS at this time," Ward told the site. Well, that's pretty straightforward.

The man from the Blue Oval also touched on the fact that the possibility of a Fiesta RS didn't leak from the company itself. "Where that speculation came from, no one quite knows, but at no point was it fed by us. I totally get the enthusiasm for it - I mean, wouldn't it be great? - but right now it's not [happening]." Normally we'd speculate that Ward could be bluffing, but remember the source of this rumor in the first place. It wasn't from an anonymous company source; it was merely an Auto Bild writer asking "what if"? The good news is that the Ford Focus RS is coming! Hopefully it sells like hot cakes, thus convincing Ford that the world needs more highly tuned hatchbacks.

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