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Ford Has Sold How Many Trucks And SUVs So Far This Year?

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The combined figure is beyond impressive.

Last month we reported that Ford sells one new F-150 pickup truck approximately every 35 seconds. And through last month, Ford has so far sold over 450,000 F-Series trucks this year and it's on track to sell an estimated 941,000 trucks by the end of this year. Sound impressive? It is, and it's even more so once you factor in SUVs. Looking at Ford's July sales results, it sold a combined 153,402 trucks and SUVs. Furthermore, that figure helped to surpass the one million vehicle mark for the year with a total of 1,125,957 vehicles sold.

"Ford pickups and vans dominated last month, with overall trucks posting an increase of 10 percent," said Mark LaNeve, Ford vice president for US Marketing and Sales. "Combined, pickup, van, and SUVs totaled 153,402 vehicle sales, for a 4.8 percent gain." Ah yes, Ford's van lineup, consisting of the Transit and Transit Connect, and both are big sellers.

Specifically, these vans now consist of more than a 50 percent share of the market and are currently experiencing a more than 60.8 percent gain this year. Then again, GM has essentially dropped out of this segment, so Ford's vans immediately have a huge advantage.

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And let's not forget the Lincoln Navigator. Like we reported several months ago, it continues to sell like hotcakes. Last month's sales were up by 64.7 percent with an average retail price of $84,300 per unit. Wow, just wow. No wonder Ford decided to ditch replacements for the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus in order to concentrate on what it does best these days, trucks and SUVs. The automaker also wants to also free up additional funds for electrification and mobility R&D, a move now made possible by the upcoming elimination of passenger cars.