Ford is Already at Work on the Next Focus

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But don't expect to see any radical design changes.

Although it's just had a facelift, Ford is already laying the groundwork for the next-generation Focus, due in 2017. Receiving a facelift in the automotive world generally means that specific model is roughly halfway through its lifecycle. This is the time when development on the new model really gets underway. In the case of the fourth generation Focus, Autocar reports that Ford may take more of an evolutionary path instead of making dramatic changes.

The apparent template for this idea is how Volkswagen has carefully managed and developed the Golf over the years. Because the Focus is currently the best-selling car on the planet at the moment, Ford can't afford to mess with success. For example, the next Focus hatchback will more than likely stick with the fastback silhouette of the current version. Customer feedback has indicated just how popular this design has become. Nothing has been mentioned yet regarding the future of the Focus ST, but we find it very hard to believe that it won't return. The battle between it and the VW GTI is just beginning.

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