Ford Is Delaying Deliveries Of The GT, Sending Customers I.O.U Letters

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So when are the rest of the customer cars coming?

Unless you recently managed to wiggle out of pampers and find a way onto our app, the years of anxiously waiting for the sun to rise on Christmas morning so you could open those glimmering gifts underneath the tree have come and gone. That feeling of longing, however, has not and it's what a swath of Ford GT buyers are experiencing right now because Car and Driver reports that the Blue Oval has delayed deliveries of the half million dollar supercar, much to the dismay of its chosen buyers.

The reason it gives is vague but understandable given that Ford is a bit rusty in field of building supercars. The problem seems to stem from the production floor where Ford's finest car builders use their hands (no robots) to piece together an American icon one bolt at a time. In the notice Ford issued to buyers who're still waiting for their copies, it cites the fact that "perfection takes time" as the main reason for the delay, a nice way of saying it's having trouble ramping up production as quickly as it thought it could. It's unclear whether or not a supplier is responsible for the delay or if legal hurdles are preventing global homologation, but if it's the former problem, Ford is nice enough to not throw the supplier under the bus.

The problem for Ford is that it must find a way to speed things up. By the end of the year, the Blue Oval is supposed to put 250 GT supercars on the roads and another 750 between 2018 and 2020. At current, The Truth About Cars claims that one EcoBoost V6 GT supercar can be made every 24 hours if Ford is doing things right, so unless the issue is on the supplier side, blame Ford for not meeting its production goals soon enough. Cry and complain as they might, we suspect Ford GT buyers are more than willing to wait their turn. Hell, they're lucky enough to be getting a GT in the first place.

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