Ford is Determined to Destroy the Toyota Prius

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Fuel efficient cars are now officially big business.

It's simply the way things go in this industry. Fuel efficient cars were once a hard sell in the US when gas was cheap. But that was then and this is now. Gas ain't so cheap anymore and a younger generation of car buyers wants green cars, generally speaking. Ford is determined to get these buyers into their showrooms. Hence in late 2018, the Blue Oval will launch a new gasoline-electric compact car that'll compete directly against the Toyota Prius.


But wait, doesn't Ford already offer a hybrid called the Fusion Hybrid? What about the C-Max Hybrid? Yes, but this new model will be the brand's first dedicated hybrid that was designed to be a hybrid from the get-go. Ford has yet to officially comment, but the writing is on the wall: there's the upcoming next-gen Prius, Chevy Volt, and who knows what else coming from other competing automaker. Automotive News indicates the still unnamed Ford will be built just outside of Detroit. It'll also share a platform with the next-generation Focus and Escape.

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