Ford Is Giving The Best Deal We've Ever Seen On Leftover Mustangs

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If you weren't shopping for a Mustang, you will be now. And that's not all.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has hit the car industry like a ton of bricks. US car dealerships will remain open to service people's vehicles and to get people in the door are offering zero-percent financing. In fact, Ford now has some of the best deals we've ever seen.

If you can find a leftover 2019 Ford Mustang coupe or convertible, you can now get zero-percent financing for 84 months, although you will have to qualify with a high credit score to get that rate. Ford will even let you defer the first three months of payments due to the current situation.

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The deal is valid on pretty much any 2019 Ford Mustang, except the Bullitt and Shelby GT350. This means you can still get the Mustang GT with its 5.0-liter V8 producing 460 horsepower. Ford says your monthly payment will amount to $11.90 per month for every $1,000 regardless of down payment. To see what's out there, we searched for 2019 Mustang prices and found plenty of juicy GT models with the Performance Package being marked down by more than $10,000 in many instances. This means you can now get a 460-hp Mustang for less than $30,000 with zero-percent financing.

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Ford's amazing incentive isn't just for the Mustang. We found plenty of other leftovers 2019 models that qualify for zero-percent financing for 84 months. You could even get a fully-loaded Ford F-150 Platinum or if you want a smaller truck, a Ford Ranger. Sadly, the Raptor does not qualify for the deal. If you can find a Fiesta ST still sitting on a dealer lot, it also qualifies for this deal.

The Blue Oval has been doing its part to help with the Covid-19 outbreak by building ventilators and respirators for hospitals. Now the American auto giant is helping once again by offering some of the best deals we've ever seen.

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