Ford Is Going All-Out For GT Buyers With 5 Custom Brake Caliper Colors On Offer

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Things are getting crazy up in Detroit.

Ford is throwing GT owners a bit of a bone when it comes to customizing their $400,000 supercar. The Blue Oval announced that it'll be offering up custom colors for the car's Brembo brake calipers. Amazingly this is the first time Ford has ever done such a thing. We were shocked too. Five colors in total are on offer, and those include: silver, blue, orange, red and the standard black. It's not exactly a wide array of colors but the custom calipers should go nicely with the eight paint choices available for the new GT.

AutoGuide rounded up the eight exterior colors on offer, and they are as follows: Frozen White, Shadow Black, Ingot Silver, Liquid Grey, Liquid Blue, Triple Yellow and Matte Black. Note that all of these colors are available with or without the GT's racing stripe. We've seen a few of these shades in the metal and were especially taken with Frozen White and Triple Yellow. We're curious as to how many people will forsake a the safe color combo that is Liquid Blue with blue brake calipers in favor of something a little more loud and eye-catching. How does a GT in Triple Yellow with orange brake calipers sound?

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