Ford is Going Green


Ford Motor Company has announced that it is investing $135 million to design, engineer, and produce all new parts for its next generation of hybrid cars. On top of that, Ford will also be adding plenty of new jobs to its factories that will produce these new products. With a major car company like Ford investing so heavily in green engineering, does this mean we'll be seeing the end of the combustion engine in the near future? Most likely not.

However, what we will be witnessing is the continued development of hybrid and fully electric cars. GM, for example, is not only about to launch the all new Chevrolet Volt, but they are also experimenting in hydrogen powered engines. This is nothing new, in fact GM already has a first generation hydrogen engine completed. The next version of it promises to be even lighter and with a longer range. Ford has already proven to be a leader in the field of hybrid cars. It's award winning Ford Fusion has a hybrid version that continues to top sales.

In addition, the Ford Escape was one of the first SUV on the market to have a hybrid option. What all of this means is that the future for automakers is in green technology. With difficult 2015 fuel emission standards from the US government, automakers must look at the big picture. Ford is obviously doing just that. However, this doesn't spell the end of such iconic cars like the Mustang. Quite the opposite. What we could see in the future is a Mustang with the same performance as it does today, but with green technology powering the wheels.

Sound hard to believe? Believe it as green technology will continue to be the major investment in all automakers. Ford truly has a vision here, as does GM and Toyota. However, Ford has an excellent track record of combining green technology into existing platforms. Both GM and Toyota developed a specific model to cover their green bases. More updates to come.


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