Ford Is Making The 2018 Mustang Starter Pulse Like A Real Mustang Heart

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We like where this Easter Egg trend is going.

Fans of the world's most enduring pony car have been taking their love to the extremes as of late, with tuner Vilner Beijing outfitting the interior of one Mustang with real hair and leather derived from an actual Mustang horse, bringing the muscle car closer to the root of its name. Now, Ford itself has gone ahead and added an easter egg of its own straight from the heart of the Mustang and harkens to the breed of horse the car is named after.

That easter egg would be a flashing starter button. It may not sound like much of an accomplishment to add fancy lighting to a starter button, but from the second the driver opens the door until they start the engine, the starter button will flash a consistent 30 times per minute. Why that specific number you ask?


Well because that happens to be the resting heart rate of an adult Mustang, the horse again, not the car. Ford has chosen red as the color for the flashing light as if there really was blood being pumped 30 times per minute through this race horse. This small touch should help fanboys squeal as it adds to the liveliness of the Mustang. Those looking for a bit more of an experience for the price tag, fear not because Ford is also adding its 10-speed automatic transmission and a new customizable digital instrument cluster in addition to the redesigned front and rear end. That should hold us over for now.

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