Ford Is Out To Beat Uber At Its Own Game With New Self-Driving Fusions

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Ford's latest self-driving tech will be shown off at both CES and the Detroit Auto Show.

Companies like Uber and Tesla have been making headlines for autonomous driving technology. Uber has been testing its tech in Pittsburgh and now has its robot cars in Arizona, this after they were kicked out of California. Tesla is refining its ultimate version of Autopilot and equipping all new models with the hardware needed to run it. Then there's Ford, which has just announced that it will show off the latest version of its autonomous car at both CES and the Detroit Auto Show. Yeah, we forgot Ford was building one of those too.

The Blue Oval's goal is to have a fleet of "ride-hailing" autonomous cars ready by 2021. Five years may not seem like a long time, but in the tech world waiting that time period feels like an eternity. Luckily Ford isn't a tech company. It can afford to wait and fine-tune its robot-controlled fleet of Fusions. This clip shows the new hardware being installed.

The self-driving Fusion's field of vision is two football fields in length and a full 360 degrees. Processing power has been increased thanks to a more powerful computer installed in the trunk. Ford was mum on just how capable its new test cars are, making no mention of what the new software allows them to do. One thing we do know is that they look less goofy. The old models had four cameras stuck to the roof like antlers. The new two-camera design helps the cars blend in more with the surrounding traffic. Future models should feature an even more discrete design. CES and Detroit are both right around the corner, so stay tuned for more news about Ford's autonomous efforts.

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