Ford Is Ready To Spend Billions Taking On Tesla And Other Eco Automakers

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Step. 1: Throw money at stuff. Step. 2: ??? Step 3. Dominate.

Ford is going all in on electric vehicles. When we say "all in" we really mean it, as in an investment of $4.5 billion towards EVs by the year 2020. Ford recently announced the move, saying as well that wants to have 13 new vehicles in Ford electric car lineup. The Blue Oval qualified that by saying the total included hybrids as well. To kick things off, Ford is said to be unveiling a new version of its electric Focus come next year. The Focus EV is already available now, but it hasn't exactly been a world-beater in sales or range.


The current electric Focus has a max range of 76 miles and the new sedan version will only be able to go slightly farther at 100 miles tops. A Tesla-killer it is not. Still, this has to be troubling news for the startup electric car company. Yes, the two companies aren't exactly in the same league when it comes to EVs but one is a global behemoth and the other had to raise funds earlier in the year to keep things chugging along. If Ford really does invest $4.5 billion it's hard to think it couldn't come up with at least a semi-comparable challenger to Tesla's upcoming entry level Model 3 sedan. For us the excitement in this announcement is in the 13 new green models.

Which current cars will be given hybrid setups or go all-electric? Could an iconic model like the Explorer, Mustang or F-150 finally go green? What new cars are on the horizon? Will they suck, and what will happen to EcoBoost once this onslaught of hybrid and electric cars is rolled out?

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