Ford Is Resurrecting The Maya Nameplate

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Could a new special edition be on the way?

Automakers are constantly evolving to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. We've got things like electric windows and turbocharged engines because these technologies have been demanded by us, the consumers. Sometimes, this means killing a car off, like the Ford Fusion. Sometimes, low interest or unacceptable results of feasibility studies mean never bringing a new model to market in the first place. Still, that doesn't mean that a name can't be repurposed. In fact, Ram's new TRX is a great example of repurposing an old name. Now Ford has filed a patent for the Maya nomenclature, suggesting that a new special edition could be in the works.


The original Ford Maya was a concept from 1984 and was a super cool mid-engined two-seater designed by Italdesign for Ford Motor Company. A 3.0-liter V6 engine co-developed with Yamaha to produce 250 horsepower was what would power the new model, but only three prototypes ever saw the light of day.

Now a new trademark filing from the Blue Oval has been discovered and we're excited. The trademark was filed with the Uruguayan trademark office on August 4 and pertains to "motor land vehicles, passenger cars, vans, sport utility vehicles and structural parts therefore." So a new model is almost definitely on the way.

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As cool as it would be to see Ford's range of mid-engined sports cars grow beyond just the Ford GT, the fact that this filing was made in South America suggests that something more practical is in the cards. We can also assume that the new model will be exclusive to the Uruguayan market and could have references to the ancient Mayan culture. Could this be a new pick-up or a special edition of an existing crossover? Whatever Ford has planned, we're sure that more details should emerge over the next few months. As and when they do, we'll bring you up to speed.

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