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Catch up on the industry's biggest developments from the past 24 hours.

Happy Hump Day, and welcome to Cold Start, your daily recap of the biggest news from the last 24 hours. Since our last roundup yesterday, Porsche has doubled down on synthetic fuels, Rimac has unleashed the Nevera, and Pininfarina's Battista Hyper GT has entered production. But these are not our focus this morning.

Instead, we will be looking at yet another mass theft at a Ford factory and the latest on the NHTSA's investigation into Tesla crashes. We'll also talk about the imminent reveal of the V8-powered Ford F-150 Raptor R, the launch of the 2023 Honda CR-V, and the speed with which Tesla's new 4680 batteries can charge. Let's go.


Expensive F-150 Trims Are Being Stolen From Ford Facilities

All of us can be touched by crime, and after somebody robs your house, you would typically upgrade your security. Nobody wants a repeat incident when it comes to personal loss, but for the Blue Oval, robberies seem to be as regular as recalls. Ford F-150 trucks in the Dearborn area have been a regular target for thieves, and these criminals have been able to illegally repossess numerous high-end, high-priced examples of the pickup right from Ford's own storage yards. In the past year, Ford has lost close to $5 million in stolen inventory, and the issue is not abating. Ford, we hope you have a good relationship with your insurers.

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2021-2022 Ford F-150 Front View Ford
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Feds Investigate Tesla Crash Number 37

We are still a very long way from achieving full-scale vehicle autonomy, but thanks to the efforts of companies like Tesla, we're getting closer with each passing day. Unfortunately, the progress being made is not advancing nearly fast enough, and glitches, errors, and mistakes from semi-autonomous driving technology are claiming lives. The NHTSA has just opened its 37th probe into a Tesla crash, with the most recent incident concerning a couple whose car veered into the back of a Walmart truck, shearing the roof off and killing the occupants. Whoever is to blame, it's high time that something is done to stop these deadly crashes.

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Epic Ford F-150 Raptor R Reveal Date Announced

We've been salivating over the prospect of a V8-powered F-150 Raptor for some time now, and Ford is giving us our wish, complete with the whine of a supercharger. But when will it arrive? In a new teaser, the Blue Oval announces that the Raptor R will reveal "a new kind of fast" on July 18. This will be "beyond fast. Scary fast."

Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait for next week Monday to see exactly what's on offer. Will the Ram TRX still be the most powerful? Will the Raptor R be the new benchmark? We'll find out soon.

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2023 Honda CR-V Arrives To Fight Toyota RAV4

Several teasers later, Honda has finally revealed the 2023 CR-V. It's 2.7 inches longer and 0.4 inches wider, offering more space thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase. It also has bold new looks that we think are stylish and modern but not revolutionary. Under the hood, a new hybrid system allows for up to 1,000 pounds of towing, thanks to a total output of 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque. An updated 1.5-liter turbo is also on offer, as is AWD. Inside, the cabin is inspired by that of the Civic, which is not a bad thing at all. Moreover, with up to 76.5 ft3 of cargo space, this is a great all-rounder.

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Tesla's New Battery Is A Truly Fast Charger

Tesla has begin to roll out its 4680 battery technology, and it appears that the hype has been worthwhile. According to an experiment conducted by one user, a Tesla Model Y with the new batteries was charged from empty to 80% in just 32 minutes, when connected to a Supercharger with a 250-kW peak output. Kia's EV6 and Hyundai's Ioniq 5 are still quicker, but this tech is about more than just speeds. The 4680 batteries are also cheaper to produce, and now that we know it works, EVs could become cheaper. Okay, we know they probably won't, but we can dream.

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