Ford Is Running Out Of F-150s For The Dumbest Reason

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How can something so simple cause a production delay?

Despite what you and certain automakers may think about the new aluminum F-150 the truck has been a sales hit for Ford. That's not really a shock. What is a shock is that Ford is still struggling to meet demand thanks to a continued shortage of high-strength steel frames and…seats. Yeah, the automaker may need to cut overtime shifts in November, and thus production, because of a lack of seats for its best-selling truck. Unfortunately slowed production is nothing new for the new F-150.


The switch to aluminum caused a 12-week stop in production as the assembly plants that made the F-150 needed new equipment. That allowed GM to snag some extra sales earlier in the year before Ford rebounded. The automaker is also a victim of its own success, with F-Series sales up 16 percent in September. The more you sell, the less you have in stock. Regardless, a supply-side issue, especially for something as seemingly simple as seats, just plain sucks. We might be seeing some GM truck incentives in the coming months if Ford continues to suffer from a lack of F-150s. Maybe Ford dealerships will push discounts to customers who offer to buy trucks without seats? Crazier things have happened.

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