Ford Shuts Down Mustang Plant For A Week Due To Slow Sales

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Chevy fanboys, now is your time to celebrate. Make it quick.

Just a few days ago we wrote about how the Chevrolet Camaro dethroned the Ford Mustang as America's top-selling muscle car. In that article we noted that the 'Stang had seen a drop in sales of 32%, this when comparing September 2015 to September 2015. Overall sales of Ford's flagship muscle car are down 9.3% on the year. At the time we said this was cause for concern. The Blue Oval apparently agreed. Bloomberg is reporting that the automaker has shut down the plant that makes the Mustang for one week.

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The Flat Rock, Michigan, plant is the only one that makes the Mustang. The weeklong shutdown was intended to match production with demand, this according to an email statement Bloomberg received from Ford. The plant has some 3,702 employees and also produces the revived Lincoln Continental, which just sold 775 units in September (it's first month back on the market). Shut downs like this happen, but we didn't expect the plant making the Mustang to give all its workers a forced-but paid-week off. The Mustang has been killing it in sales for months, but then again so was every other automaker selling cars in America. Remember that some 17.5 million cars were sold here in 2015, a record-breaking amount.

Sales in 2016 have slowed but USA Today says there's a shot to match 2015's record number of units moved. What does that mean for the Mustang? It's essentially a roundabout way of saying "keep calm and carry on." Remember that the Camaro only beat the Mustang by 148 sales. Also, again, muscle car sales are down industrywide. The Mustang likely won't finish 2016 with a 32% drop in sales on the year, and when it's all said and done it will be the top-selling muscle car in the US. But matching 2015's 122,349 total sales will be next to impossible, especially since the Mustang is at 87,258 sales with three months to go. Sooner than later muscle car success may solely be measured head-to-head rather than in terms of overall sales.

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