Ford Just Delayed Bronco Deliveries AGAIN

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This is starting to get very frustrating.

If you've been interested in buying a new Ford lately, it seems that you have to either resign yourself to an indefinite wait or buy what's on the dealer floor. With the Mustang Mach-E, the delays got so bad that Ford had to compensate buyers for the wait. But that isn't the only model that has been affected. The Bronco was delayed late last year, and the same fate has befallen the Bronco Sport too. It seems that these delays are not coming to an end anytime soon either, as Ford is now sending letters to those who ordered the Bronco, warning them of additional delays in production.

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According to the Detroit Free Press, even management at dealerships is being affected. Jeff King, vice president and general manager at Bozard Ford Lincoln in Florida says that he has received a letter from Ford too, with his Bronco First Edition being pushed back by 14 days to the 28th of June. Another buyer named Jeff Bowers said that his production date had been pushed back from the week of June 14th to the week of July 5th. Most buyers are showing similar movements in their orders' date of production, but while we understand that the global semiconductor chip shortage is affecting everyone, some Ford customers are getting fed up.

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Some buyers have expressed their exasperation and frustration on social media, commenting that it "is getting annoying". The other factor that some buyers are taking issue with is the timing, with many reporting that they received their letters late on a Saturday night. All of these factors are causing some to question if their orders will even be fulfilled this year, and their fears may well be justified - Ford has admitted that some builds will be pushed back to 2022.

While the current chip crisis is out of Ford's control, this is yet another delay, and with these becoming the norm for the Blue Oval, one can't help but wonder if the company is capable of keeping any of its production promises.

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Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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