Ford Just Made The Already Epic Shelby GT350 Mustang Better, But At What Cost?

Paint Job

Prices for the base GT350 could jump in June.

Ford has just launched the Shelby GT350 Mustang and already it’s making changes. A few months ago the automaker announced that the hardcore GT350R would offer optional back seats for $999. Now it’s throwing in some free goodies for the base model GT350. The previously optional Track Package is now standard. That means all GT350s now come with an aluminum tower-to-tower brace, trunk lid spoiler, MagneRide damping system and coolers for the engine oil, transmission and differential coolers.

Previously the Track Package was $6,500, so this is a pretty big thing to make standard. It helps bring the GT350 closer to the GT350R which had it already included. In addition to the new performance goodies Ford has added three new colors to the palette while axing two. Gone are Deep Impact Blue and Competition Orange (RIP). Replacing them are Ruby Red Metallic, Lightning Blue and Grabber Blue. Finally, Ford is adding two new packages. The Electronics Package offers SYNC 3, voice-controlled navigation and a nine-speaker sound system. The Convenience Package is the same deal but adds power leather-lined sport seats. Previously the Track and Technology packages were mutually exclusive options on the GT350.

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All of this goodness will be available in June with no word yet on pricing. The old Technology Package came with many of the goodies available in the Electronics Package, albeit with a few small differences, and was priced at $7,500. It’s possible the new Electronics Package will sit just below that, with the slightly more upscale Convenience bundle coming in at or a bit above $7,500. While we hate that there will be less orange cars on the road we have to admit that Ruby Red Metallic looks pretty damn good. Those blues are nice too, though. The coolest part about this announcement is that it shows Ford is listening to consumers and moving quickly to meet their requests. The only question left is if the price of the base GT350 will increase. If so, by how much?