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Ford Killing Models Is Good News For Bargain Hunters

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Ford is cutting its range and some big discounts are on offer .

Ford's recent bombshell announcing the axing of the majority of its passenger car lineup surprised the motoring industry and while most models will continue in the US for a little while longer, dealers are already offering some big discounts on the outgoing models. Ford's president of global markets Jim Farley said that trucks and SUVs would soon be responsible for 86 percent of US sales volume, so the decision to retain only the Mustang and Focus Active which is essentially a raised-crossover based on the Focus hatchback, makes financial sense.

So too does getting into one of the current variants of the Fiesta and Focus. Dealers are already offering steep discounts on certain models, perhaps in part to reduce stock levels and also to keep interest high following these recent announcements. Whatever the reason, one thing you won't be paying interest on is a brand-new Focus for up to 60-months if you take up Ford's credit financing offer, alternatively you can get a whopping $4,000 off the list price. Fiestas are offered with the same finance deal or $3,000 cash back. If you prefer the Ford Focus Electric then a 72-month 0% interest offer is on the cards plus a $2,500 cash bonus.

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Performance versions such as the Focus ST are also offered with a $3,000 cash discount and this kind of price-chopping will undoubtedly have an effect on nearly-new vehicle prices too. The acclaimed 350-hp Focus RS stopped production in April and stock sitting on dealer lots can be found for well under list price. The future of Ford in the US may be the SUV but its current range of small hatchbacks and sedans still make sense to a lot of motorists, especially when they come so lucratively priced. Our pick? It has to be the Fiesta ST, a pocket rocket that will be sadly missed.