Ford Maverick Almost The Same Length As Ford Mustang

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Side-by-side spy photo confirms that this will be Ford's smallest truck.

It's getting more and more difficult for Ford to keep the Maverick under wraps. This isn't surprising considering that a more affordable and compact Ford truck is massive news in North America.

Various leaks of the Maverick over the last few months allowed us to imagine what a Maverick Raptor would look like, but now, a new leak on the forum Maverick Chat has given us a much better idea of how big - or small - the truck will be. The latest spy shot shows a camouflaged Maverick parked alongside a current Ford Mustang, and it makes for an interesting comparison size-wise.

Maverick Chat
Maverick Chat

Obviously, the Maverick is far taller than the sporty Mustang, with the coupe's roofline only extending halfway up the Maverick's side window. What is most interesting is a length comparison between the two vehicles; while the Maverick appears to be parked slightly further forward than the Mustang, it's clear that the two are very similar in length.

This confirms its positioning as a compact truck since the Mustang has an official length of 188.5 inches and the midsize Ranger SuperCrew is 210.8 inches long. These dimensions should make the Maverick easily the most maneuverable Ford truck sold in the country when it arrives.

Maverick Chat
Maverick Chat
Maverick Chat

Unlike the body-on-frame chassis of other Ford trucks, the Maverick will employ a unibody platform. This will limit its towing and off-road capabilities but should make it a pleasant truck to drive, much in the way the Honda Ridgeline is. Sources indicate that the Maverick will only be sold in a four-door, SuperCrew configuration, so a basic two-door work truck doesn't appear to be in the cards.

We expect that front-wheel drive will be standard and all-wheel drive will be optional, while rumored powertrains include the four-cylinder EcoBoost units found in other Fords as well as a hybrid version. With Ram and Chevrolet having no truck comparable in size to the Maverick, Ford is likely to further extend its lead on the sales charts.

Maverick Chat
Source Credits: Maverick Chat

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