Ford Maverick Camper Is An Affordable Way To Explore The USA

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From $28,695 - with the truck included.

The Ford Maverick may be small in stature, but it's big on value. While the little truck is great for light off-roading and town driving, it's not an overlanding vehicle, right? Well, according to GoFastCampers (GFC), it's the perfect platform on which to build a budget-friendly camper.

Few people are in the position to splash out on a new truck (let alone camping accessories), but GFC is quick to point out how affordable its package is. The average new car price in America currently sits at $46,259. Yet, for $28,695, the company can offer buyers a fully converted Maverick. It's certainly a lot cheaper than the (admittedly plusher) Bowlus Volterra electric trailer, which sports an eye-watering $310,000 price tag.

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GFC notes the Maverick's compact bed forced them to think out of the box. The solution is rather elegant; undo a few clips and a decently-sized tent folds open. The bed, of course, is used to store all the necessary equipment. In the test model seen here, the small Ford truck easily swallows up a camping fridge, first aid kit, water jugs, and several other accessories.

All the side panels open for added practicality, allowing owners to grab something quickly without opening up the entire vehicle. Standing in the bed of the Maverick (with the tent popped open), GFC notes there are 7.5-8 feet of standing room. It's not the biggest sleeping area in the world, but the company says people up to six-and-a-half feet tall will be comfortable - it should prove more pleasant than the recent Smart ForTwo overlander we saw.

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Not only is the camper well priced, but it doesn't impede the Maverick's daily usability. The prototype was based upon an all-wheel-drive Maverick, equipped with the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. According to the EPA, this boosted four-pot can return 25 mpg combined.

GFC hasn't done any official testing but claims the Platform Camper does not hurt the Maverick's impressive fuel economy. That comes as no surprise, as it only weighs 255 pounds and adds a mere 6.5 inches of height to the truck. If you add the shorter shark fin antenna from a Ford Escape, you can make the camper even lower.

This will certainly come in handy if your garage is lower than most or if you park in tight multi-story lots. The camper comprises an aluminum space frame and features a modular floor and a translucent roof.

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So, back to pricing. The accessory itself is priced at $7,700, and we're guessing GFC will happily equip existing Mavericks with the neat accessory. If you opt for the base XL Hybrid model, the entire package, as mentioned, is $28,695. GFC points out that this is cheaper than a base Subaru Outback ($28,820), which seats the same amount of people and returns a combined 29 mpg.

The Ford is more frugal (37 mpg) and has the added benefit of being a bonafide camper. Of course, the Subaru excels at other things - such as comfort and perceived build quality - so it's not a fair comparison. However, it does point out the sheer value for money on offer. In a world where everything is increasing in price, it's nice to see something attainable and exciting.

GoFastCampers/YouTube GoFastCampers/YouTube GoFastCampers/YouTube

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