Ford Maverick Causing Major Problems For Hyundai

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October was the Maverick's first full sales month.

Ever since the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick were revealed, it's been touted as one of the hottest rivalries to keep an eye on. As the only two compact trucks on the market, they trade blows relentlessly. While the Santa Cruz is better for towing and more powerful, it's the Maverick that wins for efficiency and value for money. Choosing between the two won't be an easy task, but judging by last month's sales figures, one of these trucks is easily outselling the other. In total, 5,988 shoppers bought either the Hyundai or the Ford in October. However, in its first full sales month, the Ford trumped its rival with 4,140 sales.

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By comparison, the Hyundai moved only 1,848 units, less than half that of the Ford. The Santa Cruz went on sale in July and has so far sold 4,841 units for the year, a total that Ford nearly matched in a single month. For 2021, the Maverick has so far found a total of 4,646 homes. At this rate, it seems inevitable that the Ford will outsell the Hyundai in 2021, despite being on sale for a shorter period of time. Ford says that over a quarter of Maverick buyers are aged between 18 and 35.

While we rate the Hyundai highly, the strong early reception to the Ford is no surprise. Economy figures for the Maverick hybrid were recently published and this model can attain a remarkable 42 mpg in the city.

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The Santa Cruz, by comparison, only gets 21 mpg in city driving - that's a huge difference. It's also hard to ignore the Ford's strong value proposition. Starting at below $20,000, the Maverick is $4,000 cheaper than the Santa Cruz.

None of this means that the Santa Cruz isn't an excellent vehicle that caters to what many buyers need. In fact, it's one of our finalists for the 2021 CarBuzz Awards in the important Family Fun category. More than a pickup, it's a brilliant lifestyle vehicle and has a smart, practical cabin. Whichever of these pickups you choose, you're likely going to be happy with your purchase.

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