Ford Maverick Owners Love Modifying Their Trucks

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And Ford loves them back for it.

The Ford Maverick is already a very popular offering, despite having very little time on the market to prove itself. A lot of buyers aren't even truck people, with Ford reporting that a number of buyers came from Honda Civics. That could explain the choices some owners have made with regard to aftermarket modifications. See, while some have created 3D printed accessories that add utility and others have looked at retrofitting parts from other Ford models, the Maverick owners that Ford is showing us today have carried out various modifications, from the remarkably simple to the shockingly wild. We'll start with the most extreme and work our way down.


The attention-grabbing Maverick you see above belongs to Kenneth McCay of Forney, Texas. He is one of the people in charge of moderating the 2022 Ford Maverick Customs Facebook group, and his idea of the perfect Maverick may be the craziest, sporting a drastic reduction in ride height, enormous alloys, and neon underglow lighting. The graffiti-style paint further enhances the truck's presence on the road, and while this may be a bit of a 'ricey' build, you can't deny that it stands out. The look instantly reminds us of the glory days of The Fast and the Furious when Brian O'Conner drove a Ford SVT Lightning for Racer's Edge.

Despite requiring the removal of the front fascia, Meredith decided that it would be fun to install some custom running lights in the grille, and we quite like the result.

Next up is Matt Meredith of Liberty Hill, Texas. He's in charge of the 2022 Ford Maverick - Modified Maverick group on Facebook and the above YouTube channel where he documents all the little changes he's making to his pickup. He bought his pickup mainly for personal use, but since he runs Bullseye Custom Autos, he decided to use the truck to showcase what his company can do. Ford reports that he's modified six other Mavericks and on his, he removed the front fascia to install LED running lights.

Finally, we have Cassidy Hatch from Ririe, Idaho. She's added a tonneau cover and blacked out the lettering on the tailgate and a couple of other areas. She has big plans for it too, with a custom retro wrap, new tires, and a lift kit in the works.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what your skill level, budget, or style you're working with - the Maverick loves mods.

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