Ford Maverick Plug-In Hybrid Is Not Happening

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At least for the current generation.

A plug-in hybrid variant of the hot-selling Ford Maverick is not happening for the current generation, as the carmaker considers it unnecessary.

"There's no current need for a PHEV," Mike Levine, Ford North American Product Communications boss, told Heatmap. The "Maverick hybrid is incredibly efficient (40 mpg city) and affordable," Levine continued. "The EPA estimates that Maverick hybrid's total annual fuel cost is just $1,500."

It's also very affordable, starting at just over $22,000.

The additional engineering and powertrain changes for a PHEV version would boost the compact truck's price tag to a level where the business case could no longer be justified. Even the gasoline-powered Maverick's 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine delivers solid fuel economy with a 20 mpg rating.

Technically, a PHEV Maverick is possible because it shares a platform (codenamed C2) with the Escape Hybrid, which has a plug-in trim currently on sale.

2023 Ford Maverick Front-End View Ford
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Unfortunately, the report did not provide an update about the Maverick trim we really want but has yet to materialize: an AWD hybrid variant.

Currently, the hybrid is front-wheel drive-only, meaning if buyers want the added benefits of AWD they're forced to upgrade to the 2.0. We asked Ford over a year ago why it decided an AWD hybrid wasn't needed and the reason was purely supply related.

Batteries, at the time, were still limited due to pandemic-related supply chain problems. We don't know whether that's been fully resolved. An AWD Maverick hybrid would be instantly popular despite fuel economy taking a slight hit. Chances are an AWD hybrid will appear at some point in the Maverick's current production cycle, most likely post-refresh.

Another reason Ford has decided to forgo a plug-in Maverick, aside from the engineering and cost obstacles is that there's no competition.

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The Maverick's chief competitor, the Hyundai Santa Cruz, doesn't offer a hybrid version. Key rivals like GM, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan don't even have a compact truck in their respective lineups (at least for now). Obviously, that could change but until it does Ford can relax and focus efforts on keeping Maverick production output at optimal levels to meet demand.

Looking further ahead, an all-electric Maverick is a sure bet, although Ford refuses to comment on future products. Don't expect to see the EV arrive in this generation because the current architecture can't accommodate a fully electrified system. Ford may skip a plug-in setup in favor of a Maverick EV. So, when will the all-new Maverick debut? Previous reports indicate it won't arrive until closer to 2030.

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2023 Ford Maverick Driving Front Angle
2023 Ford Maverick Front-End View
2023 Ford Maverick Side View Driving
2023 Ford Maverick Rear Angle View
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