Ford Maverick Shoppers Are Spending BIG On The Small Truck

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The average price for the truck was higher than expected in October.

The Ford Maverick has been a truly groundbreaking product launch for the Blue Oval in 2021. It's appealing to women in a way that most other trucks haven't been able to and it's easily outselling its only direct rival right now. One key to the success of the Maverick has been its incredibly low starting price of under $20,000. At that price, it's an unbeatable package. However, it seems that most Maverick buyers are spending a lot more on their purchase, either by way of options, pricier trims, or both. An analysis by iSeeCars for October vehicle sales indicates that Maverick buyers are spending more and skipping basic variants of the truck.

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In October, the average selling price of the new Maverick was $29,705. That's nearly $10,000 more than the base model. Then again, this result does not account for the delayed Maverick hybrid, the cheapest model in the range. Still, the gas-only EcoBoost model begins at just over $21,000, still well short of the $29,705 average. Of course, with the Maverick's extensive options list, there are many ways to send the price soaring. On the XL EcoBoost, some of the tempting options include a power moonroof ($795), an all-wheel drivetrain ($3,305), and a tonneau pickup box cover ($1,160). It's also likely that many buyers opted for the top-spec Lariat.

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With the EcoBoost engine, the Lariat starts at $26,575. It can then be upgraded with the $1,495 First Edition package or the $3,340 Lariat Luxury package. Clearly, buyers are enjoying kitting out their Mavericks with plenty of extras, and they're willing to pay for these.

October was the Maverick's first full sales month and it was the 17th fastest-selling vehicle, taking an average of 14.6 days to sell. We fully expect the Maverick to rise up this list in the months to come, provided Ford can keep up with demand. Sorry, Hyundai, but you're already on the back foot while Ford is sprinting ahead.

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