Ford May Gain A Very Important Partner To Supply Electric Platforms

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But does is this partner ready to share?

Automotive joint-ventures are fairly uncommon but can yield some incredible cars such as the Toyota-Subaru 86 twins and Toyota Supra/BMW Z4. Recent rumors have hinted at a partnership between Volkswagen and Ford to develop new vehicles. So far, the most talked about model from a potential Ford-VW partnership is a new small truck for the US market. Now, Automotive News believes VW could provide Ford access to its upcoming electric vehicle platform, which would be a huge boost for the Blue Oval.


We know VW is planning a range of electric models under the ID name, which may be built in a new US factory. When asked about sharing the company's electric vehicle platform, VW CFO Frank Witter said: "Whether we might provide access to other brands outside of the VW Group is theoretically possible, but there is no decision," during a conference call for VW's third-quarter earnings.

The VW Group will use the platform for 27 models across multiple brands including VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat, likely making it the most cost-effective EV platform in the world. Ford is currently developing its own electric SUV but the company's electric future seems far less concrete than VW's.


By amortizing the development costs over so many brands, VW Group can ensure profitability in such an expensive endeavor. Further utilizing the platform in Ford vehicles could broaden VW's EV dominance even further. Tesla's initial plan involved licensing its platform to other automakers to gain a stranglehold on the electric vehicle market. Developing a new platform like this isn't cheap, so we believe VW would be smart to license it out to as many automakers as possible. Why just settle for a slice, when you could have the whole pie? This partnership, if it becomes a reality, could be a huge boost to both Ford and VW.

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