Ford Mondeo Gets A New Lease Of Life

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The once iconic sedan will return for a fifth generation.

It was a sad day when Ford announced that it would be bringing an end to the Mondeo name in the European market after 30 years of production. It was the same kind of pain that fans in the US market felt when the Taurus moniker was sent to bed. Both models were adored by many but due to a lack of demand for sedans, the decision was made to cull both cars.

In China, however, the Monde name remains alive and well as the division has confirmed that an all-new example of the sedan would be revealed in the coming days. Once again, this will be exclusive to the region and benefit from the support of Changan, an automotive giant in the region that was founded 160 years ago.
Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information
Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information

It's understood that the upcoming model will employ the group's C2 platform which was first created in 2018. This is currently applied to key products such as the Bronco Sport, Escape, Focus, Maverick, and Lincoln Corsair. The dimensions for the upcoming Mondeo come in at 194 inches long, 74 inches wide, and 59 inches tall with a wheelbase of 116 inches.

It's also believed that the new model will employ Ford's EcoBoost gasoline turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a power output of 238 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. This will be sent to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. A 0-60 mph time hasn't been declared but it's believed that the sedan will top out at 140 mph.

2013-2019 Ford Taurus Sedan Front View Ford
2013-2019 Ford Taurus Sedan In Motion Ford

The upcoming Mondeo will be a supplementary product to the all-electric Ford Evos crossover which was revealed for the same region last year. With this, we can assume that the Mondeo might inherit the giant 3.6-foot widescreen display, bright accents on the center console and multifunction steering wheel, and other modern cabin finishes.

Considering that there are no plans to expand the Evos into markets such as the U.S., we can assume that the Mondeo will also remain exclusive to the Chinese market throughout its life. There may be some hope, though, as a report unveiled last year suggested that the chic crossover could be heading to Mexico, based on an application made to Mexico's trademark office.


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2013-2019 Ford Taurus Sedan Front View
2013-2019 Ford Taurus Sedan In Motion

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