Ford Mustang Crashes Into Bar With Ironic Name

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No, it didn't happen outside a Cars & Coffee event.

Last weekend, the driver of a black Ford Mustang lost control of their car and crashed into a bar in Houston, Texas. And before you ask, no, the accident didn't happen outside of a Cars & Coffee event. Ironically, the bar was called "The Darkhorse Tavern." The driver was injured in the accident and had to be taken to the hospital but is said to be in a stable condition, and the building also suffered structural damage.

According to ABC13, the female driver was driving the Mustang down Washington Avenue when she lost control, veered off the road, and crashed into a parking meter before slamming into the front of the building. Several people were inside the bar when the accident happened at around 1 am local time, including a table of four that were near the point of impact. Luckily, nobody inside the bar was injured.

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Customers noticed the driver of the Mustang was unconscious. She was rescued after the manager used a hammer to smash the side window as they couldn't get the door open. The woman is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries. It still isn't clear what caused the accident and it isn't known how fast the woman was driving the Mustang, but police are testing to see if she had been drinking. The bar remains closed while as an engineer will need to examine the building for structural damage.


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