Ford Mustang Doing Donuts Crashes In Empty Parking Lot

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Because Mustang drivers don't already have a bad reputation.

Over the past few years, the Ford Mustang has garnered something of a reputation for crashing at Cars & Coffee events. It seems like any time a driver tries to show off their Mustang's power by making a dramatic, tire-shredding exit in front of a crowd, it always ends in disaster. But car events attracting large crowds have been canceled due to the pandemic, so you might assume that Mustangs the world over have received a temporary stay of execution.

This Mustang GT managed to prove that theory untrue, after recently wrecking itself in an empty parking lot.
Brandon Calderon / Facebook
Brandon Calderon / Facebook
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Brandon Calderon and his girlfriend were filming a silver Ford Mustang on a rooftop parking lot when another Stang arrived on the scene. Keen to show off in front of the camera, the driver performed some impromptu donuts around the parking lot. The parking lot was almost completely empty, so the driver had plenty of space to hoon around. But then it happened.

Just a few seconds after the camera started rolling, the driver lost control of the rear-wheel-drive muscle car and slammed it head-on into a light pole, crumpling the pony car's front end. Spatial awareness doesn't appear to be one of the driver's best attributes. Fortunately, the crash happened at low speed, so the occupants shouldn't have suffered any serious injuries.

Brandon Calderon / Facebook
Brandon Calderon / Facebook

Just before the video cuts out, the driver and passenger can be seen exiting the car. This was clearly an expensive mistake, as the Mustang's mangled front end won't be cheap to fix.

"This is why Mustangs get a bad rep... I went out to one of my fav parking garages for rollers & pictures last night w/ my girl when all of the sudden a dude with a 5.0 shows up & starts doing donuts," Calderon wrote on Facebook. "I kept the camera going & then this happened... Please have some respect for our surroundings."

Stereotypes are unfair, but this latest incident doesn't exactly do much to dispel the stigma surrounding Ford Mustangs and their drivers. Hopefully, the next time they fancy torturing the tires of their Mustang, they'll burn some rubber at a sanctioned drift event instead of in a public parking lot.

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