Ford Mustang Driver Totals Car During Drag Race In Epic Fashion

Driving in a straight line isn’t that easy.

Drag racing is agreat way to see what your car is capable of doing on a closed circuit. Unfortunately,pushing your vehicle to the limit in a straight line is much more difficultthan it sounds as the owner of this Ford Mustang found out. The driver broughthis brand new supercharged Mustang to the track for the Armageddon No-Prep Race andwent up against what appears to be a ‘90s Chevrolet Camaro. Shortly after therace starts, the Mustang owner finds himself in a squirrely situation and careensinto the wall.

With all of therecent airbag problems that we’ve seen, it’s nice to see the Mustang’s airbags deployed and saved the driver from serious injury. Say what you will about the Mustang, but its 5-starcrash test rating lived up to the hype and saved this guy's life.

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