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Ford Mustang Drivers Close Bay Bridge Due To Stupidity

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Doing donuts on a public road is one of the dumbest things we have seen

Reckless driving on public roads is far from a rare occurrence but the antics of three people on the San Francisco Bay Bridge deserves a particular mention. The Mercury News received information from the California Highway Patrol that three men driving Ford Mustangs had blocked a section of the Bay Bridge at 10:45am on Sunday morning to do donuts. They did not seem to be acting alone as several cars had blocked the lanes and at least one occupant was filming the proceedings.

Other road users were also quick to make use of their cameras and phones too and alerted the police who arrived on the scene to sort out the Fast and Furious wannabes. One of the drivers was taken into custody on suspicion of reckless driving and an exhibition of speed, the tired-looking old white Mustang was also impounded for 30 days. Another vehicle was also impounded as its driver was not in possession of a driving license.

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The police then examined some of the vehicles they suspected of being part of the stunt and issued a number of drivers with citations for various mechanical violations. Judging from the condition of the tired-looking '90s Mustangs in the video posted by Mercury News, it is a wonder they did not end up expiring in a cloud of smoke during their exploits. The CHP thanked the public for calling in the incident and for providing them with the video footage that assisted them with the charges they filed. Hopefully, these fools will have learned their lesson, perhaps next time they will take it to the track when the need for speed arises.