Ford Mustang EcoBoost Can Now Be Had With 550-HP For Only $32,995


The only issue? It doesn’t come with a warranty this time.

There’s an owner of a “little Ford store” in Lebanon, Ohio that seems to have stowed dreams of becoming the next John Hennessey someplace where it’s still accessible to their imagination because as we’re reported before, this Blue Oval dealership has a knack for giving Mustangs steroids and helping aspiring hell-raisers walk out of the dealership with gobs of horsepower on hand for jaw-droppingly low prices. While everybody likes a good V8 thumping inside the Mustang, Lebanon Ford is now lending a hand to EcoBoost buyers.

Previous iterations of its high-horsepower Mustangs include the LFP 727, which makes a crackling 727 horsepower as its name states. With just enough power to shame braggadocios Dodge Challenger Hellcat owners, the real drop of the hammer comes when back at the bar where the Mustang driver can console the befuddled Dodge driver before crushing them by mentioning that they spent less than $40,000 on the entire car including the tune. Just for funsies, Lebanon Ford threw in a warranty as well. And then it took things 473 steps further by including a tune for an insidious 1,200 horsepower Mustang for the sum of $45,000. If power on that end of the spectrum is too much, fear not because the dealership is now offering the LFP 550.

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Essentially, it's an upgraded version of the turbocharged four-cylinder Mustang EcoBoost and comes in at the low price of $32,995. The more astute will notice that that’s less than it costs for a new 435 horsepower V8 Mustang GT. Better still is the fact that it already comes as a sleeper, de-badged and ready to leave unsuspecting Camaro SS stoplight competitors sullen thanks to 550 horsepower courtesy of a 7670 Borg-Warner turbocharger strapped to the 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine. This helps the LFP 550 run the quarter mile in the 11-second range but manage 30 mpg in the city. Included in the price is a manual EcoBoost 'Stang, the turbocharger, an intercooler, a UPR Catch Can, a performance tune, and the installation.

Unfortunately there is no warranty offered this time around, but any Mustang EcoBoost owners that have already driven their cars out of the warranty range can go ahead and get the tune job themselves for $7,699. We suspect plenty of Mustang drivers in the Lebanon, Ohio area will be pleased.