Ford Mustang Finally Heading Back To Australia In 2016

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The American icon will fill the gap left by the departure of the Falcon.

The announcement that Ford would be shutting down Australian production, and discontinuing its Australia-specific vehicles, came as quite an unpleasant shock to the country's loyal blue oval fans. Hardest hit are the fans of Ford performance vehicles, as the Mustang hasn't been sold here since the late Sixties, with the locally-made Falcon taking up the performance mantle instead. But now Ford has announced the Mustang will now fill the gap.

The pony car will arrive in 2016, just as production of the Falcon is being shut down. Normally, the debut of a 2016 model would be announced a bit closer to the actual event, but in this case, Ford wanted to reassure the Aussie V8 aficionados. Ford has been saying for quite some time that it would be going with much more of a global strategy in the future, and this move does make a lot of sense in that context. Some Australians might even prefer the Mustang to the Falcon, but the loss of the unique region-specific vehicle is still a shame.

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