New Ford Mustang Getting GT Racer-Style Body Kit With Wild Front Splitter

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The tuning shop is hard at work turning the next Mustang into tomorrow's race car.

A whole new generation Ford Mustang made its debut earlier this year, and tuning shops are already lining up to take a crack at the platform.

However, Ford is going to make that a little more complex than the last time around. You can read more of the "why" in the article linked, but in short, Ford needed more robust cybersecurity and over-the-air updates in the car, and the result is a much tougher car to tune.

Still, that hasn't stopped 777Performance from creating, at the very least, a body kit for the new Mustang. It's heavily inspired by the company's GT3 racers, like the ones we'll soon see at race tracks worldwide.
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Details on the kit are scarce as of now, which is fair, as the new Mustang hasn't even been given to the media to test, let alone dealers and consumers.

We know that the new upgrades from 777Performance likely won't touch the motor. Again, this is very likely down to how hard the Mustang's ECU will be to crack.

But the tuning shop will make profound changes. The kit will include chassis-mounted aero parts, like the front splitter and wing. Many of the changes to the upcoming Mustang are inspired by what the shop has accomplished with the previous generation, including GTE-style lights for track use and a GTE-style front fascia.


Inside, the effort to turn the new Mustang into a Mustang GT Supercar (or as close as 777 can get) continues. We see custom fabric door pulls, carbon racing seats, a 5-point harness system, and a roll cage. For now, if you're dying to get as close to the Mustang race cars as you can without buying one, this seems like an excellent place to start.

Predictably, a solid timeline hasn't been provided by 777Performance. The shop will need to build, test, and manufacture the parts, but it targets fall next year for release.


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