Ford Mustang Is Going Electric

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Company reveals future plans in financial report.

Electrification seems to be every automaker's favorite subject these days, so it's a bit unsurprising to find that Ford dropped a huge hint regarding the automaker's plans to electrify its lineup of SUVs, pickup trucks, and the Mustang in its first quarter financial disclosure. One thing's for sure, you're not going to see an electrified Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, or Taurus considering the brand has decided to kill off the entirety of its passenger car business in North America, excluding the Mustang for obvious reasons.


Ford hinted that we're likely to see hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, and potentially even fully electric variants of models like the F-150, Escape, Explorer, Bronco, and the Mustang. The move makes sense and is borderline necessary when you realize that Ford killed off just about all the fuel friendly models in its lineup, so the company will need to figure out a way to make its larger and more powerful models more efficient. "Making a full commitment to new propulsion choices, including adding hybrid-electric powertrains to high-volume, profitable vehicles like the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco," Ford said as part of its earnings report.

"The company's battery electric vehicle rollout starts in 2020 with a performance utility, and it will bring 16 battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022." There could even be some more radical vehicles to make their way to market, as the company announced it's also exploring new "white space" vehicle silhouettes that could combine the best attributes of cars and utilities. The company also stressed once again that it's fully committed to alternative propulsion choices for its future lineup, which will eventually give way to an onslaught of new cars coming sometime next decade. Ford's first battery electric vehicle won't arrive until 2020 and is expected to be the Mustang-inspired performance utility vehicle.


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