Ford Mustang Mach-E Buyers Have A New Concern

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Dealers could be worried, too.

The all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E will be arriving in dealerships any day now. Those who placed pre-orders are expected to be first in line to receive Ford's first-ever from the ground-up all-electric vehicle. The fact it bears an iconic nameplate only adds to the pressure for it to be a smash hit. But there's another element to this that could be of some temporary cause for concern.

According to a few members of the Mach-E Club forum who also happen to be Mach-E buyers, there appears to be a lack of necessary tools to repair the vehicles at Ford dealerships. The specialist tools reportedly costs dealers around $15,000 and without them, any early issues with the vehicles cannot be fixed. One Mach-E buyer was told by their dealer that not only does it not have this pricey toolset but also doesn't know when it will receive it.

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Rear View Driving

An exact list of tools is not available but will reportedly contain a unique component used to drop the battery safely and a chemical tester for the coolant system. Another customer's dealer says it's still waiting to get the battery module balancer but had everything else on hand, with the exception of one other thing: the dealer demo model, which is still awaiting shipment from the factory in Mexico.

Any time an all-new vehicle is launched there can be last-minute logistic issues that require sorting. This time, however, the vehicle in question is completely different from nearly anything else the Blue Oval has ever built.

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Infotainment System

Dealership technicians had to go through specialized training and the sales teams had to be educated on electric vehicles in general. When the Nissan Leaf debuted in late 2010, there were reported instances of customers having more knowledge about the car than the sales staff. The industry has changed drastically since then, but EV customers, in general, are typically tech-savvy and have done their homework, a fact Ford is surely well aware of.

The 2021 Mustang Mach-E will carry a starting price of $42,895, excluding the $7,500 federal tax incentive and should achieve around 230 miles of range. The $49,700 AWD Premium extended range trim has an official EPA rating of 270 miles.

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Charge Port
Source Credits: Mach-E Club

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