Ford Mustang Mach-E Engineer Reveals Secret Details


Chances are he didn't receive approval to talk.

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is more than just an all-electric vehicle; it represents the future of the Blue Oval in terms of performance, technology, and efficiency. We already knew Ford spent serious time and money on the EV but many details remain unanswered. Often times, some of those details remain under lock and key. But thanks to an anonymous Ford engineer, a few secrets have emerged. It all started when this electrical engineer took to Reddit for an Ask Me Anything session.

This individual has since deleted the post for unknown reasons (Ford's legal department, perhaps?), but the folks at Mach-E Forum managed to grab the entire Q&A before it was taken down and reposted it online. There's quite a bit of information about the Mach-E development program, pricing, and performance capabilities, though we've zeroed in on a good chunk of the highlights.

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For starters, we can thank the Mach-E for keeping the Mustang coupe and convertible program alive. The next-gen Mustang is already being developed and will retain an internal combustion engine. Without the Mach-E, this likely wouldn't be possible. The engineer also claims the next Chevy Camaro has been canceled (we've heard this unconfirmed rumor before) because of government fuel regulations. If your home state has EV rebates, the Mach-E will have a nearly $10k price advantage over the Tesla Model Y.

But what about Mach-E performance? Turns it "scares our test vehicle drivers, and they drive the GT350s on the regular." Nice. Its DC Fast Charging rate will also supposedly be increased to 350 kWh in the future.

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Hands-free driving tech is coming soon thanks to Ford utilizing Argo Artificial Intelligence tech. Additional over the air self-driving updates are coming, though a precise timeline was not provided. In another swipe at Tesla, Mach-E engineers tore down Teslas while studying the competition and made some interesting discoveries: overall build quality control was subpar and, perhaps more worrisome, noticed some electronics don't meet safety regulations.

Overall interior quality, in general, will be at a whole new level, exceeding that of the Mustang.

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Interested customers also shouldn't have any problems arranging test drives as every Ford dealership will have at least one Mach-E solely used for this purpose. Given the details provided here, it seems Ford has very much done its homework. It studied the competition inside and out (literally) and then set up a program aiming to become the new industry benchmark. Time will tell on that one, but the Ford Mustang Mach-E, in general, has the potential to be a game changer.

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Source Credits: MachE Forum

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