Ford Mustang Mach-E Hatchback Is An Awesome Idea

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We'd love to see this happen.

The Mustang Mach-E is almost here. It's one of those cars that we wanted to hate because of it being an SUV with a Mustang badge, but the more we learn about it, the more excited we are to drive it. The anticipation has been turned up even further by the announcement that the 2021 Mach-E is getting a power boost. Even though we're learning all these cool facts, the unknown is always an interesting topic of discussion. So if Mustang is set to become its own sub-brand, that means it's going to want to expand into all other vehicle segments too. So how would a hatchback Mach-E look? Kleber Silver has the answer.

Kleber Silva/Behance
Front Angle View Ford
12V Charging Ports Ford

Having previously designed a future Honda HR-V, and Ram Dakota, he's really worked hard to create an electric hot hatch design that just works. The headlights, although almost identical to those on the real Mach-E, are both perfectly placed and well-proportioned. This could have just been a lowered Mach-E, but it looks real, with the aggressive rear haunches appearing even more at home on the hatch.

At the rear, the angle of the window is much steeper as befits a hatch and also features a more aggressive and sportier spoiler. The line beneath the window has also been massaged slightly, forming a second lip spoiler.

Kleber Silva/Behance
Rear Angle View Ford
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Meanwhile, the profile reveals a tighter crease above the side skirts, which are now color-coded to the rest of the car. However, the rear bumper and faux diffuser designs have been left almost completely untouched, presumably to enhance the image that this car is affordable. Perhaps it has taken inspiration from the almost completely black Lamborghini rear ends of late and is trying to channel the racecar look without actually fitting carbon fiber. Whatever the reasons, we can all agree that this is a stunning effort, and now we want to see a real-life version.

Front Luggage Compartment Ford
Charge Port Ford
Source Credits: Behance
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