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Ford Mustang Mach-E Winning Over Mustang And F-150 Owners

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And yet deliveries are still a year away.

Ford knew it was taking a chance by naming its new all-electric EV SUV 'Mustang Mach-E.' Faithful and longtime Mustang owners are probably skeptical, but one of those owners and collectors is none other than Bill Ford himself. At first, he was reluctant to use that iconic nameplate but he was won over following a prototype test drive. His stamp of approval speaks volumes and already Ford dealerships have noticed new customers walking through their doors with genuine interest.

The Detroit News reports that although Ford is currently only taking orders for the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, which includes a $500 deposit, the vehicle has generated plenty of foot traffic. The Mach-E will have a starting price of around $45,000.

"It's been exciting for the store," said Tim Hovik, owner and general manager of San Tan Ford outside of Phoenix, Arizona. He has already taken 47 reservations for the Mach-E. "I've been doing this 27 years, and you can kind of count on one hand the times we've dipped our toe into a completely new segment."

Ford/Andrew White
Ford/Andrew White

Hovik added that roughly two out of every three Mach-E reservations he's taken are from customers he's never done business with before. He also happens to be one of the best Ford dealerships in the US. Needless to say, some of these early Mach-E customers have never owned an EV before. One such person is Glendale, Arizona resident Travis Myrick. He currently has a Mustang and an F-150 in his garage, but after driving his friend's Tesla, EVs appealed to him. However, he ruled out a Tesla due to reported service department issues. But he loves the idea that the Mach-E is both fast and far more environmentally friendly than either of his two current Fords.

"It's going to be basically half the price of a Tesla, and I've got to think the technology is going to be better," he said. "I honestly think it looks better. To me, it seems like a perfect fit."

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Since the Mach-E debuted online, Ford claims about 1.6 million people have visited the vehicle's main web page. This early buzz is excellent news for Ford, and it hopes the momentum continues. Ford has not revealed how many pre-orders it's taken so far, but by the sound of things, it appears the Blue Oval has a hit on its hands.

Dashboard Ford
Front Luggage Compartment CarBuzz/ Patrick Curtet
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Side View Driving Ford


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