Ford Mustang Mach-Es Are Overheating In Norway

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Six vehicles have suffered.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been making headlines for all the right reasons. It recently set a new world record for energy consumption, gets far better range than expected, and has been winning the sales tallies. Despite being an all-new EV, issues with the car haven't been too numerous.

Unfortunately, things haven't been going so well in Norway, where the electric SUV has been grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. Six examples of the crossover have been experiencing an issue that caused them to shut down, and it seems that the problem is too much energy being recovered under regenerative braking.

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As we know, regenerative braking works by harnessing kinetic energy that would otherwise be wasted as heat. According to reports, the Mach-E owners were driving down a winding, steep path called Eagle Road, heading towards Geiranger. This is one of Norway's most popular tourist roads. But instead of ceasing energy regeneration, "six salvages of the same car model in 14 days" have taken place because of a software bug that causes the overheating battery to tell the car to lock the wheels. We assume that this happens gradually, as no injuries or accidents have been reported, but once it happens, only a tow truck can get the cars moving again.

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Fortunately, Ford in Norway seems to have the answer to the problem, saying that the cause is a "security feature that crashes due to [a] software bug." As you've probably figured out by now, the car is not prepared for so much energy to be pumped back into the battery. This battery then overheats, so the electric motor stops the car to prevent further issues. Ford Norway says that a software update has already been made available to fix this. It can be accessed via a Power-Up OTA update (available in September or October) or owners can take their cars into the dealer now to have the update installed immediately.

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