Ford Mustang Mach-E's BlueCruise Price Hike Leaves Customers Fuming

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Some customers will have to pay $600 more annually for BlueCruise.

Ford may have decreased the prices of its Mustang Mach-E recently, but the company has left many customers fuming about the new pricing structure for the available BlueCruise hands-free driving system on this electric SUV. This much was exposed on a thread on the Mach E Forum, where Ford detailed its new BlueCruise pricing from its official account on the platform.

New Mach-E models ordered after May 2 will be delivered with a complimentary 90-day trial, or the hands-free system can be purchased for $2,100 for a three-year subscription. But what has really upset some existing Ford Mustang Mach-E owners who use BlueCruise is how much more they'll have to pay to keep benefitting from the system.

Whereas the renewal price for BlueCruise was previously $600 for three years ($200 annually), that will now rise to $800 per year or $75 per month.


One customer said that "it seems like many of us feel misled" since the effective renewal price per year is four times what was promised when they purchased a Mach-E in 2022. "Going from $200 per year to $800 per year seems ridiculous," said the customer.

When Ford shared information about increased production of the Mach-E earlier this month, it neatly skirted around this dramatic renewal price increase for BlueCruise and instead focused on what it called the new "try, then buy" experience it offers in reference to the 90-day trial.

The only group of Mach-Es that will be exempted from the new $800 annual fee, at least temporarily, are 2021 models with the optional BlueCruise Prep Package. For these models, BlueCruise can be renewed for a discounted rate of $200 per year or $75 per month for three years, after which the new pricing comes into effect.


BlueCruise was improved recently, with version 1.2 of the hands-free system, including in-lane repositioning and hands-free lane changes that can be initiated by simply tapping the turn signal. These changes made the system feel more natural for the driver. But on the forum, many customers already say they'd be unwilling to fork out so much to retain BlueCruise accessibility.

A recent survey indicated that subscription-based services like BlueCruise have potential, but not if the value proposition doesn't make sense. Customers are keen to try new features without committing immediately but don't want to be taken advantage of. This significant renewal price hike for BlueCruise annually will be a bitter pill for many, especially as it's one of the best hands-free systems on the market.


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