Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Looks Even Meaner With Carbon Fiber Parts

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Because there's no such thing as too much carbon fiber.

Back in February, we showed you how it's possible to configure the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 to a point where you'd be paying a jaw-dropping $107,000 for a 2021 model. That's far more than the $72,900 it'll cost you to buy an option-free GT500. Well, you can now spend even more on a new super 'Stang because Ford Performance Parts has introduced new carbon fiber parts to further embellish the exterior of the sports car.

Why? Because carbon fiber not only looks fantastic but saves weight. There are four new parts in total and Ford says that they all offer low specific weight and can "withstand the high-energy forces generated by competition at the track or drag strip."

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The most affordable part is a rear decklid trim panel for $575 which looks great nestled between the taillights and below the GT500's standard rear wing. For $1,150, there is a front bumper insert that is positioned between the upper and lower grille intakes. If you spend $1,185 you get a hood vent and rain tray kit.

Finally, the most expensive carbon fiber component is the front splitter with a belly pan - this goes for $1,820. Each part looks fantastic without going overboard and adds a more aggressive edge to the appearance of what is already a mean-looking vehicle in standard form. In total, these parts will add $4,730 to the price of the Mustang.

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We expect that most interested customers won't choose just one of these parts but will want all of them.

"Authenticity and personalization are what our Mustang Shelby GT500 customers want," said Mark Wilson from Ford North America. "Our new carbon fiber performance accessories provide an elevated track-proven look from every angle."

Beyond their aesthetic value, the parts also reduce the car's weight. On its own, the carbon fiber hood vent and rain tray kit is half the weight of the stock part. In total, the parts lower the car's weight by nine pounds. Ford paraded the new parts at a track tour event that was held at the Texas International Speedway.

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