Ford Mustang Vs Kia Stinger May Seem Like An Unusual Showdown


American muscle battles Korean tech on the track.

The Ford Mustang has its share of competitors. So does the Kia Stinger. We wouldn't have necessarily placed them in the same category, but the fellas at Throttle House beg to differ. And watching this video, we can't help but feel they're on to something. Sure, the Mustang is a coupe, and the Stinger is a sedan. And while they can both be had with turbo fours in their base specs, the Stinger offers a twin-turbo V6 as the top engine, and the Mustang, of course, boasts a V8.

The Mustang is also a rear-driver, while the Stinger can be had with all-wheel drive. But look beyond those basic parameters and the two don't look all that different. Especially in their top forms. When push comes to shove, they both offer a lot of bang for around the same bucks: $40k, give or take.

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At the end of the day, we wouldn't be all that surprised to see some customers, at least, cross-shopping the two. The question here is how they compare on the track – not how they handle the daily commute, who they appeal to, or what level of equipment they offer. So to find out, these Canucks lapped both around the circuit and hammered them down the drag strip. So how do they stack up? We're not gonna give it up that easily, or we'd spoil the surprise. Or lack thereof. You'll just have to watch the segment yourself to find out, then. But we will tell you that this showdown between American muscle and Korean tech is a lot closer than you might expect.