Ford Officially Licenses Brand-New Boss 302, Boss 429, And Mach 1


Though the cars will be technically new, they will stay true to the originals.

We love it when a manufacturer delves through the pages of its own history to build a classic from the past. Companies like Jaguar have even set up special divisions dedicated to building brand-new cars that are true to the originals. Ford is planning on making a big splash at this year's SEMA show, enlisting the help of Classic Recreations, a company in Oklahoma that specializes in building classic Mustang replicas. The company has been officially licensed to build three very special Mustangs for the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The three classic Mustangs include the 1969-1970 Boss 302, the 1969-1970 Boss 429, and the 1969-1970 Mach 1. All three cars will look exactly like the originals, but will be brand new underneath. The cars may look original, but the engines will be provided by Classic Recreations. Customers can choose a 1969 or 1970 body style, as well as a variety of engines all with modern fuel injection. The Boss 429 will only be available with a 429 cubic inch engine, but the Boss 302 will be available with a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 from a modern Mustang GT or a 363 cubic inch stroker engine built from a 302 block.

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The Mach 1 has the most extensive engine options, and can be fitted with any engine Classic Recreations has available, including a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine. The first batch of cars will be built for SEMA, and customer availability will begin soon after. Pricing hasn't been announced, but interested parties can call Class Recreations for more details.