Ford Once Declared War On Ferrari And This Is How It Happened

Le Mans 24 Hours

At Le Mans, of course.

Car racing history buffs know this story very well, but it needs to be told to an even wider audience. "The 24 Hour War," an upcoming documentary co-directed by Adam Corolla, tells the story of how Henry Ford II, aka "The Deuce," took revenge against Enzo Ferrari when the latter, at the last minute, backed out of a deal where Ford would have bought Ferrari in 1963. Why was Ford interested in Ferrari in the first place? Because Ford was essentially getting its ass kicked by GM and its Corvette on the race track back in the early 1960s.

The way Henry II saw it, win on Sunday, sell on Monday. The key was to win, and Ferrari’s long history of doing just that provided Ford with a solution. But when Old Man Enzo had a change of heart, Henry II swore revenge.

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He wanted to defeat Ferrari at the one event it dominated year after year: the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With the help of a then unknown Carroll Shelby and a misfit crew of engineers, Henry Ford II put together a team of engineers to create what became the GT40. Victory eventually came to Ford, but the story itself is epic.