Ford Performance Now Selling New Five-Speed Manuals Designed For Restomods

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The new five-speed Tremec trannies will make any build easier.

Ford is one of the manufacturers doing the most to protect the manual gearbox.

On the new car side, you can buy a manual Bronco or Mustang, and now Ford Performance has added a pair of Tremec five-speed manual transmissions to its already massive parts catalog.

The Tremec TKX-600 is the newest product from the famous transmission builder and was explicitly designed for aftermarket applications. The TKX replaces the outdated TKO but is better in every department. It retails for $3,395.

While it is technically just one gearbox, you can order it with two different overdrive gear ratios, namely 0.68:1 and 0.81:1.

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The wider ratio will increase top speed while increasing a restomod's ability to cruise easily at low speed. The shorter ratio improves acceleration. According to the Ford Performance website, first to fourth are the same on both gearboxes. That means 1st gear = 2.87, 2nd gear = 1.89, 3rd gear = 1.28, and 4th gear = 1:1.

The 600 in its name refers to how much torque it can handle, yet the size has decreased compared to the TKO. It also has a dry weight of 99 pounds, which means it won't add too much mass to the overall build. This is particularly important if you're building a lightweight track special like the GT350.

The fluid capacity is just 2.7 quarts, which will have a negligible impact on the overall weight.

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Other features include hybrid carbon/bronze synchronizers to make 7,500 rpm shifts possible and a wider, more durable gearset than the TKO. Ford Performance also mentions caged needle bearing for improved durability.

With the M-6392-R58 bell housing, this engine can easily be mated to Ford's 302/351 engines. If you opt for the M-6392-R58 bell housing, it can be coupled to the 4.6, 5.0, 5.2, and 5.4 modular engines.

This is currently the perfect gearbox for a Mustang, F-100, or Bronco restomod. Imagine an original F-100 with a 5.0 Aluminator crate engine and a five-speed manual transmission.

Or you could go the other direction with Ford's Eluminator EV crate engine, which also slots nicely underneath the hood of the old truck.

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