Ford Performance Parts Will Trick Out Fiesta ST, Focus RS And Mustang

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All of these parts are available right through the dealer and come with warranties.

Back in the old days, buyers had a lot more options when building their cars. If you wanted the big motor, but didn't want leather and all of the other niceties, you could do it. Modern cars always require annoying optional packages that give you the one thing you want, and five things you don't. Companies like Ford are trying to fix this by offering performance parts straight from the dealership. Ford Performance has just announced a range of new parts for its Fiesta and Focus ST, Focus RS and Mustang models, which range in both price and functionality.

Revealed at the Essen Motorshow in Germany, the first wave includes around 70 different warranty-approved parts for performance cars such as the Fiesta and Focus ST, Focus RS, Mustang, and even the GT supercar. These parts will be available at dealers, or by delivery, starting on December 1, 2017. Unfortunately, the parts will only be available across Europe for now, so enthusiasts across the pond will be missing out. "Ford is synonymous with attainable performance. Ford Performance Parts will deliver even more satisfying driving experiences for enthusiasts" said Fabio Carafa, the vehicle personalization director for Ford of Europe.

Many of these new parts were developed in collaboration with specialists including Roush, Borla, KW and Remus, and tested at Ford's Proving Ground in Belgium. The parts range in complexity from wheels and suspension, all the way up to supercharger systems. The Ford Performance adjustable coil-over strut and shock absorber kits will deliver up to a 40 mm reduction in ride height for the Mustang and Focus ST. Ford has also developed light alloy wheels, which compliment the coil-over kit. These wheels deliver up to a 15% reduction in unsprung mass for the Fiesta, Fiesta ST, Focus and Focus ST. The wheels are available in sizes from 17 to 19-inches depending on the model.

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The exhaust was developed with Borla, and is available with chrome or black tips for EcoBoost and V8 Mustangs. The exhaust is also offered in both street and track-only variants. Mustang V8s will also be offered with a Calibration Power Pack, which raises the engine's rev limit up to 7,500 rpm. There is also a Roush supercharger kit for Mustang V8s that raises power up to around 600 hp. One of the coolest parts being offered is the 'Drift Stick' for the Focus RS. This aluminum lever between the driver and the gear stick allows for rally car-like drifting, and is only designed for track use. And yes, the Drift Stick, unlike these other accessories, will be available to US buyers.


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