Ford Police Interceptor SUVs Receive All-Clear


Nothing to worry about for America's Finest.

Back in April 2015, the Sacramento, California Police Department had a little problem with at least one of its Ford Explorer Interceptors. During a driving training program, a front brake hose failure resulted in the brakes not working. Of course, the police department was alarmed and it alerted the problem to the appropriate channels. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration got involved as did Ford. A total of 50,000 Police Explorer Interceptor SUVs were in question over the potentially fatal issue, affecting police departments across the country. But according to Reuters, it seems as if it was all a false alarm.

All of those 50,000 SUVs in question have received the all clear from the government agency. No recall will be necessary. The NHTSA said earlier this week that it cannot confirm any incidents of brake failures as a result of overheating in vehicles not involved the training program. How police departments respond to this conclusion remains to be seen, but we can imagine some of them may still be convinced there is a mechanical problem that remains unsolved. It’s a bit unsettling. Although the Ford Interceptor SUV was not recalled this time, there was another issue with it that was quite serious.

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In the summer of 2017 Ford announced it would pay to repair an unspecified number of Interceptor SUVs due to possible carbon monoxide leaks. The problem occurred because police departments often drilled holes near the rear exhaust to install aftermarket equipment. Those holes were not always properly sealed once the work was completed and C02 was able to leak into the cabin. Ford had to check and seal off the rear of the vehicles where exhaust could enter. This latest issue, fortunately, did not result in any serious health issues for America’s Finest.