Ford Promises To Ship New Broncos Very Soon

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Faulty hardtops will also soon be replaced.

The Ford Bronco has been a huge success, probably more so than even Ford could have predicted. However, as with so many Ford products in the past, things weren't exactly perfect from the get-go. Among the issues that early buyers experienced was a faulty hardtop, with some customers reporting blemishes on the roof when their Broncos were exposed to "extreme weather and humidity". This prompted Ford to change the Wildtrak model to a soft-top as standard, although hardtops remain an option for 2022. But what about those who have been waiting for a fix for their early Broncos? According to the Detroit Free Press, Ford promises to ship new hardtop roofs to dealers within a week.

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Ford will also be installing the remedied new hardtops in 2021 Broncos that were held back. Thus, if your Bronco was delayed because of the roof issue, it should arrive at your chosen dealer within a week too. The Bronco's marketing manager, Mark Grueber, says that "testing has been completed" and that Ford is now "ramping up production of the new roof." Ford will contact customers when the new roofs are ready for installation.

"We've started the roof replacements on the hardtop. We'll be continuing to ramp that up to replace the roofs on vehicles currently being held needing the new roof," says Grueber. "Shortly, we'll be starting to send the new roofs out to dealers for those vehicles that have already been delivered. We expect to be shipping the roofs and the Broncos with the new roofs within the week."

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The only delay now stems partly from the original delay, as Ford must inspect all the vehicles that had been waiting for delivery and must water test the new roofs too. Grueber goes on to say that Ford is working hard to get the new Broncos to customers and thanks its customers for their patience. We imagine that buyers must be getting fed up with Ford's regular production delays, which have not been improved any by the global semiconductor chip shortage.

Nevertheless, at least the new roofs appear to be undergoing the kind of testing that you'd expect, and we're sure that buyers across the country will be thrilled to finally get a chance to experience their new off-roaders.

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Source Credits: Detroit Free Press

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