Ford Proves Its Cars are Pothole Ready

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The roads in the U.K. have long been known to be, well, less than satisfactory. That's not stopping Ford from ensuring their cars are more than prepared to handle those pesky potholes. Ford has just released some details regarding the rigorous testing their cars go through before they go on sale. According to the automaker, the cars have to handle thousands of miles of tests in two different Euorpean proving grounds to ensure that damage is avoided when traveling on uneven and harsh roads.

Those locations are the Dunton Technical Centre in Essex, U.K. and the Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium. Tests include running real-world simulations and high-tech data acquisition. Engineers use this data from older models as they begin the suspension system development even before the first vehicle prototypes are produced. Basically, every wheel and tire combination sold in Europe (and there are many) are put through these tests.And not surprisingly, this doesn't come cheap, with each test car being equipped with nearly $2.5 million worth of electronics that are designed to register and record the effects of pothole strikes.

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